Bretagne Plants
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Expertise and professionalism for reliable and high quality seeds

The wide range of Breton varieties meets the most specific and varied requirements


Attentive to the diverse demands of the French and export markets, Breton growers highly skilled in plant production can propose a hundred varieties. The main European varieties are available as well as the new performing varieties created in the breeding stations for a larger choice.

One of the only European regions to use only its own basic material
Having produced their own in-vitro prebasic seeds (99,9 % in 1999) for over 20 years in a single place, Breton growers can be sure from the beginning, that they are using uniform, inspected seeds, safe from contamination from outside material: a guarantee to retrace the history of the seed «from the lab to the bag».

Reliable, well stored and well delivered seeds
The growers and their groupments have cooled and ventilated storage facilities available for seeds before marketing and delivery. These equipments ensure good control of storage and guarantee healthy and vigorous crops. In France and for exports well runned transports -by roads and seasare efficiently managed to answer the customers needs.