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Experience, research, inspection
ensure that certified seeds from Brittany are
reliable and of good value

There is no substitute for experience



From the early twenties, France’ s first seed growers unions implemented, in Brittany, the basis for development which has made Brittany famous for the production of high quality seeds.

The efficiency of experts is based on sound means and facilities
Seed growers now enjoy the support provided by deep scientific and technical skills and on-going training. The network of experts includes the INRA State Research Institute, a quarantine Station, two breeding stations and laboratories for in vitro multiplication and disease detection. The researchers and technicians involved bring up-to-date advices to the growers and enable them to be highly reactive to any sanitary incidents that could occur.

In Brittany, constant, independent and trustworthy inspection offers every guarantee to the user
The fully independent, official French inspection body SOC (the Ministry of Agriculture department controlling seed certification) enforces standards even more severe than current European Union standards (especially for viruses, blackleg, dry rots, etc.) by a network of field inspectors specialised in «seed potatoes» and approved testing laboratories. A super control system ensures high reliability. The SPV (Plant Protection Service) issues a phytosanitary certificate to prove that the quality of the exported seeds meets the standards required by the buying country.