Bretagne Plants
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Innovation, control, technical skill:
Choosing reliability

A land naturally suitable for the production of high quality seeds

Geographical isolation appears as a quality
Away from the busy main cross-roads of northern Europe with their risks of diseases, Brittany is preserved from outside sources of contaminations.

It is a Rhizomania-protected area and remains free of Brown rot, Clavibacter, etc.

Natural isolation of seed crops
Brittany is a region of animal husbandry and vegetable production, its zones of woods and meadowlands and low density production enable potato seed crop fields to be efficiently isolated from other potato crops...
This natural asset, combined with strict planting rules, provides decisive strength in warding off all sources of contamination from the seeds.

Brittany’s oceanic climate offers major advantages
Generously warmed by the Gulf Stream, Brittany enjoys a mild climate favourable to seed production (and unfavourable to such diseases as powdery scab, blackleg, etc.). Since temperatures do not vary greatly, plants benefit from cool and sometimes humid conditions during the growing period with no need to irrigate. The frequent winds from the sea limit the proliferation of aphids and viral diseases